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Hehehehe.... I suck : D

Uh... hi, if anyone was actually reading/ if anyone actually wants to still read!

I was gone for the summer before sophmore year, and sophmore year was just frickin hectic because of my game of catch up. Since last January-ish, I've been having personal problems too. Starting to get help and it may take a while for it to feel completely better.


I posted to say that *NuLl as you know it is gone. Yup, ended. The last storyline pissed me off, it was too messy, and the start was the same. I've already made some pages, but I'm going to finish at least 20 before I start putting them online. The schedule will me once a week on the weekend, most likely on a Sunday, unless something important come up with with my personal problems (as in I get worse in some way) or just plain in my life (after all, I already have family issues and it's Junior year).

The new *NuLl will be under a new name, I haven't decided just what'll be, and you can watch out for it in maybe mid February, maybe sooner, hopefully not later. There are some of the same characters but not the same story. I'll keep this up as a battle scar. I haven't forgotten about this, I've just felt so horrible lately.

I'm sorry if anyone besides Jay was actually reading this and worrying wtf happened.


":Hey bunneh, did you die?"


Well, I picked a really really bad time to start this back up xD

I have a bunch of end of the year school-russia-graduation stuff to deal with. I'm gone next week. I might update this weekend, since, ya know, I HAVE FIVE DAYS OFF (sweet lord in heaven, thank you for this blessing). In fact,it might actually be a preview/real actual storyline page. But no promises.

And if you want faster pages, TELL ME HOW TO MAKE A SEMICONDUCTOR!?!

Anyways, I'm out of town a lot soon. I have pages. Just no way to update them when they need to be updated. Yah.

So, soon!


This week's been kinda hectic....

So, I haven't gotten around to uploading a page or working on the regular ones. I sowwy.
I'll probably update with one (filler strip) tomorrow. If not then, then mid next week.
Now, I'm gonna go clean this garbage dump I call a room. Then go to the movies =P
(Hey, I got invited... plus I need a break ;-; )

I'm back :3

It's began!

The little arc I've created will go up maybe 1 or two times a week (probably Saturday and Sunday), but the number of pages at a time depends on how fast I'm going with regular comic pages.

After this arc you may be a little less confused as to what's happening("What the hell was with that squirrel thing?!").

And, I WILL finish the arc, even if I finish with pages before I finish updating all of it.

So tell your friends! *NuLl is (almost) back!!

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